"A little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched."  - Henry David Thoreau.  Hand-dyed cotton fabric for a custom quilt project by Haptic Lab! A limited edition of 20 constellation quilts feature the map of the night sky as it appeared the night Thoreau arrived at Walden Pond. Each quilt's dye pattern is completely unique; I custom dyed each one to mimic the colors and textures of the cosmos.




Hanoux is a meditation on color, shape, pattern and movement; we create comfortable, colorful clothing for people with active lifestyles. The brand is a collaboration between myself and Hannah Ross; it features hand-dyed cotton jersey fabric and original garments, designed and made by us!



area environments

A collection of Hanoux patterns dyed on silk, then transformed into digitally printed wallpaper by Area Environments. The collection can be purchased here.




I worked as print designer alongside owner Khristine Catacutan for her brand Moskov between 2013 and 2016. Digitally printed textiles were used to make dresses, gowns, tops and swimwear. All photos below are courtesy of Moskov.




Custom catsuit and leggings commissioned by photographer Matt Porter. Original black and white patterns were inspired by Dazzle Camo ships from WWI. The catsuit fabric was printed digitally and the legging fabric was screen printed by me. All photos below are the work of Matt Porter.




A personal collection of digitally printed textiles inspired by textures and colors found in Istanbul, Miami, Copenhagen and Moab. Also available as leggings!